Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo

Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo yoga instructor

Kathleen’s yoga teaching is rooted in her belief that anyone can do yoga and that all bodies are yoga bodies. She helps her students meet themselves where they are in the present moment and encourages them to employ safe movement and awareness. She invites students to include a sense of physical and mental challenge to their practice. Kathleen’s focus on anatomy and alignment is motivated by her continued curiosity about the human body and how it works. She is fascinated by the inherent connection between the body and the mind and how the practice of yoga strengthens that connection. She continues to study with Theresa Elliott, and is a graduate of the Pacific Yoga 500 hour Advanced Studies and Curvy Yoga programs.

Kathleen regularly teaches in partnership with Robin Werner. Their combined studies and shared interest in alignment based asana practice brings two keen perspectives to their classes.

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Kathleen’s web site: https://www.kml-wellness.com
Contact Kathleen: [email protected]

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