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Welcome to TAJ YOGA

Who we are

Tajmotion is home to a small collective of independent movement professionals who are dedicated to providing high quality education through our own classes and workshop offerings. We support the growth of other teachers within our community by providing affordable space for classes, workshops and events on a sub-lease basis. 


P.E. for the curious

Interested in knowing the “how” of a pose or movement pattern? Would you like to engage your mind as well as your body? This is the place for you!

“Yoga is a pneumatic tool”, states yoga master BKS Iyengar. “It can be used for good, it can be used to harm.” The benefits of yoga and all forms of movement are innumerable. However, as body-based modalities have intensified, related injuries have risen at an alarming rate.

Many students come to Tajmotion seeking sound technical advice from our knowledgeable yoga and Feldenkrais staff. Safety is one of our primary goals: high quality classes for the novice to the expert or professional are offered with the intent to adapt the practice to the individual, making physical education safe and accessible to all.

Our history

Taj Motion is part of a thriving movement community located within the old Crown Hill Elementary School building and was established in 2005 by Theresa Elliott as Taj Yoga. In 2016 she broadened the scope of instruction and leadership, and the studio became Taj Motion under the direction of four Primaries: Becci Parsons, Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo, Theresa Elliott, Robin Werner.

Continuing in it’s original intent, the studio is for independent movement professionals. Our colleagues are strong, qualified teachers who have control of their own businesses. As independent contractors, teachers are paid directly by the student. Class cards are redeemable exclusively with that teacher.


About our name

From Theresa Elliott, founder

“The Taj” was a working title I used before I found the studio location. I liked the feeling of whimsical grandeur that it imparted because I thought “Taj” meant “palace”. Turns out it means “crown”. It was not until after the lease was signed at Crown Hill Elementary School that I realized the happy coincidence between fantasy and location. Thus, “The Taj” became “Taj Yoga”, and 10 years later, “Taj Motion” to represent the inclusion of other movement modalities.


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