Stacia Valley, LMP, CCST, TEPPT

Stacia Valley - Taj Motion YogaStacia is a holistic healthcare practitioner who weaves together her life experiences and professional trainings in her workshops, gatherings and ceremonies. She focuses on breath as a guide to bring the wholeness of the invisible world into our visible, palpable human structure.

Participants in Stacia’s seasonal workshops feel supported by nature’s cycles as they embody ​the principles of the seasons. Each workshop features a specifically-crafted selection of ritual, breathwork, collective conversation, altar building, guided meditation, movement or planetary influences.

Stacia is a lifelong student of the relationship between the inner world of our bodies and the outer world in which we live. She has studied the sacred with druids, shamans, mystics, abbots, nuns, astrologers, priests, psychologists – from cultures worldwide. Stacia led sacred sites tours in Scotland, Ireland and England. She is ordained in the SHEAS ministry.

Focusing on bodies, Stacia is certified in massage therapy, Cranial Sacral therapy, The Embodied Present Process and many other modalities. She has maintained a massage therapy practice since 1995. Stacia helps her clients connect to their own inner wisdom of healing by attending to body tissues, systems and structures.

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Contact Stacia: or 206-819-3194

Workshops at Taj Motion:

Four times a year (when not in a pandemic), Stacia offers an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the seasons. These workshops will give you direct experience receiving the life force of the seasons. Read more