Events: Taj Motion 14th Birthday Party

Date: TBD
Doors open at 6:30pm
Performances start at 7:00pm

Please join us in celebrating 14 years of yoga and movement excellence! We love the small intimate nature of the studio, but several of pieces need extra room to move. This year’s Birthday Party will be held in a larger venue, the gym down the hall. Event will include small bites and cupcakes, bubbles and beverages, but most importantly, community and performances. See below for proposed program.


Movement Invocation, Becci Parsons
Classic Yoga Demonstration, Dylan Noebels
Yogadance Ensemble, Ongoing yogadance class
Ball Choreography, Lisa Elliott
“Take 5”, Platform with two Hula Hoops, Theresa Elliott


“Women in Kilts”, Lisa Elliott, Theresa Elliott, Michelle Befus
“Pommel Horse”, Dylan Noebels accompanied by Bill Mathews, drum
John Travolta Solo, Mota Perpetua Dance Class
Audience Ensemble Move-Along

October 22 @ 15:25
15:25 — 16:25 (1h)

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