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“Untitled, 1994,” Never Before Seen Footage

A 20 year old yogadance performance by Theresa Elliott makes it to VIMEO

After sitting in a drawer for over 20 years, I finally figured I could take footage in VHS format and convert it to digital. All I had to do was take it to the local video transfer store and trust. Trust that they wouldn’t destroy it. This isn’t a far fetched notion as the company who did the duplication for my video, “Stillness in Motion: Yoga Vinyasa” did indeed destroy the master. It happens.

Unless you happened to be at this performance at the Nippon Kan Theater in the early 90’s, “Untitled Work, 1994”, a.k.a. “the Mickey Hart piece”  has only been seen performed by my long time student, Dylan Noebels. He does a fabulous job and it is such a joy to watch him. So it’s amusing to pull this baby out of the trunk, so to speak, and look at a 34 year old Theresa with long brown hair treat the Sun Salutation as a rhythmic pogo stick, the only way I actually like doing this classic vinyasa. But this treatment surely isn’t for everyone and as my students know, I rarely teach it anymore.

The video is over 20 years old, poorly shoot, and in the beginning, I look like a flame dancing on the head of a match stick. In a way, it’s kinda cool. Gradually, as I go through variations on the Sun Salutation, the “videographer” pans in and you can see more detail, including a shot I sort wish wasn’t there. See if you can guess which one that is.

What you don’t see or hear at the end, although I very clearly remember, is the sound of me crashing into stage lights as I back-walkovered my way off stage into the wings. Although they were there, they were not in use, and I had no idea of their presence until sadly, I knew in no uncertain terms of their existence.

I hope you will take a look at this oldie but goodie by clicking the link above, and also if you haven’t had the good fortune of seeing Dylan perform this live, you can see him here as part of a post titled “Crown Hill Arts Festival, 2009”








Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
by Stretch

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