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How to Spot A Yoga Predator, by Theresa Elliott


In many ways, this is an old story. We just don’t think it’s going to happen in yoga. But really. Why not? I started this article three years ago while watching the impressive implosion of a style of yoga that always made me flinch, so the derailment did not surprise me. I’ve been duped by others, but the meteoric rise of this system, among other things, always made me go all Scooby Doo, tipping my head to the side while woofing  “Shaggy?”

I dropped the article for a while. It was challenging. How do you organize a topic so pervasive, and where do you stop? However the lawsuit against Bikram prompted me to pick it back up, and as I neared completion, allegations against a woman, something I have long anticipated, came charging out of New York.  I’m just waiting for the yoga version of Mary Kay Letourneau to show up. It can’t be long now and of course it will be dreadful, but not a surprise.

It has been suggested that I turn this article into a book. I certainly have more stories and maybe a book in me at some point, but I don’t think it’s about predators. Much has already been written on the subject and all you have to do is Google, extrapolate, and apply to yoga. If “How to Spot a Yoga Predator” gets people talking and thinking about this phenomena and that it occurs in yoga just like everywhere else, my job is done.

Thank you to Seattle Yoga News for posting my article. See link below.  -T

How to Spot a Yoga Predator




Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2016
by Stretch

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