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Embodied Seasons, A Seasonal Workshop Cycle with Stacia Valley

Selected Sundays, 11:30am – 2:30pm, $75 per workshop
Autumn Equinox, September 23, 2018
Winer Solstice, December 16, 2019
Spring Equinox, March 16, 2019
Summer Solstice, June 23, 2019

Four times a year, Stacia offers an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the seasons. Guided by our body’s first blueprint – mother earth – and the wisdom of the elements, these workshops will give you direct experience receiving the life force of the seasons. Each workshop includes a crafted selection of activities, reflections, rituals and ceremonies that might include: 

  • Collective Altar: Helps us remember the nature and elements of the season; brings us to the spirit, magic, creative and artistic part in each of us
  • Ceremony: Guides us to honor planetary influences and other invisible forces, drawing them closer to us, aiding our decisions and actions
  • Guided Meditation: Connects our spirits to the greater whole and roots us deeply into the earth
  • Movement: Brings the elements of our bodies – muscle, skeleton, fluids – into rest and reception
  • Breathwork: Acknowledges and encourages our relationship with air, both in us and around us, both in giving and receiving

Each season carries a flavor from the one preceding it; each casts its influence on the one to follow. Yet there is no beginning and no end to the cycle of the seasons. Like the seasons, Embodied Seasons workshops altogether form a whole – which like every cycle is more complete when the full cycle has been experienced. However, each workshops can be taken individually, gleaning the specific qualities of the season in focus:

For details on registration, what to bring, what to offer and what to expect, pease contact Stacia at or 206-819-3194



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Taj Yoga is part of a thriving movement community located within the old Crown Hill Elementary School building. In a joyous "crossover," the yoga teacher is taking class down the hall with the Wassa Dance teacher, the ballet kids want to take yoga, and the custodian is studying Flamenco!.

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